About Collecting Cultures

I was lucky to be born in times of globalisation: easy travels, digital information, fast knowledge.

I was unlucky to be born in times of globalisation: loss of tradition, industry driven societies, cultural appropriation.

This is my humble contribution to exploring the great diversity of cultures we have in our world and its value. I aim to understand these cultures by collecting them in my own way and sharing them through my perspective, before they lose their essence. While I encourage a multicultural society, it seems that minorities, in practice, are never free enough to bring their cultures along. The world seems to go towards a "one culture policy", my personal nightmare. Collecting Cultures is my response.

About me

I have been collecting cultures since I was born. Born in The Netherlands in 1993 and raised by a southern Italian mother and a Dutch father, I tumbled into two entirely different worlds at once. Already amazed by the great differences between the Dutch and the Italian world as a little girl, I decided to take a closer look by moving to Italy at 18. There, I studied Communication and Media studies, as I specialised in Film. Now, I aspire to collect cultures and share them with you through written words and (moving) images.

Feel free to look around and leave comments. I am open to any kind of criticism as long as it's kept constructive and decent. Thanks for passing by!

Much love,